Have you ever wanted to experience the pure freedom of kitesurfing?

Well now you can

The Soul Kitesurfing Centre is located in Ras Sudr in South Sinai on the east coast of the Suez Gulf. It is 210km away from Cairo near the mid-point between Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh Road. The Soul Kitesurfing Centre class room is the shallow, waist-deep lagoon that is protected by sand bars at low tide.

Come and experience the warm and friendly atmosphere at Soul Kitesurfing where we beleive there are no 'bad students'. Relax on our friendly beach, share a cold beer with us and meet some new friends.

We have
internationaly qualified instructors who can teach you if you are a beginner or help you to perfect your technique if you are an experienced rider.

Soul Kitesurfing Centre Mission Statement

- To provide a high quality service to our guests by sharing our passion and professional skills of kite surfing.

- To create a safe, relaxing and welcoming atmosphere
- To educate guests about the environment.

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